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BENTLY NEVADA | 3300/05 | 12 Slot Rack
BENTLY NEVADA | 3300/05 | 12 Slot Rack

BENTLY NEVADA | 3300/05 | 12 Slot Rack

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  • Weight :

    11.2 kg
  • Dimension :

    78.7 cm x 30.5 cm x 43.2 cm
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  • Description :

    12 Slot Rack

Product Description:

The 3300/05 rack is a durable, easy to access, expandable mounting medium for the 3300 Monitoring System. It accommodates a Power Supply, System Monitor, and various types of 3300 Monitors. Each monitor position in the rack includes a Signal Input/Relay Module position at the rear of the rack.
The rack mainframe is manufactured in sections from an injection molded plastic; a conductive antistatic material dissipates electrostatic discharge. The rack bezel allows you to individually identify machine/monitor points or loop numbers by using the factory engraved bezel tags or clear plastic strips over paper tags. The 3300 modular design eliminates the need for internal rack wiring and allows easy expansion to meet your increased monitoring requirements.
The left-most position (position 1) of the rack is designated for the Power Supply. The position next to the Power Supply (position 2) is reserved for the System Monitor. The other rack positions (3 through 14) are available for any combination of individual monitors. 

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