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About us

Moore Automation is a professional company, whose activities pose a challenge for the competition. Our services quickly and efficiently – helping in situations that at first glance may seem impossible to solve. We are characterized by commitment and personalized customer contact.
  • We constantly expand the assortment available.
  • We guarantee attractive prices.
  • Our actions are aimed at breaking the old, rigid rules and the introduction of innovations in access to spare parts.
  • We work with reputable courier companies. We operate globally and open to the needs of customers. We employ experienced engineers, mechanics, automation and electronics.
  • We do everything to help customers reduce the cost of doing production and eliminate the stress of deficiencies that may weigh on the implementation of the firm’s orders. Our aim is to accelerate service delivery and continuous improvement staff.
We work hard and we believe that our efforts will result in satisfaction on the side of our customers. We know what you are doing, we know what the market needs to grow and strive to make it happen. Located in our warehouses spare parts are often the only solution for machines used by companies that report to us. In cases where we are not able to provide the selected products, we offer a service whereby the machine after all, can recover efficiency.