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Some Product display

1.Allen-Bradley 1756/1769/1771/1785 Series

2.ABB 800xA/Bailey INFI90/DSQC Series

3.Bently Nevada 3500/3300 Monitoring System

4.Schneider Series Quantum 140 series

5.General Electric IC693/IC697/IC698/IS200/DS200 Series


7.Westinghouse: WDPF/MAX1000 system spare parts

8.Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control system, Most modern fault-tolerant controller based on Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) architecture.

9.Honeywell TDC2000/TDC3000/Experion HS Series

10.YOKOGAWA CS3000 System

Brief  introduction

Get higher return on investment and win more business!

We have over 2000,000 satisfied partners around the world, and we are constantly looking for new ways to partner accompanying brings value.

We not only sell products, but also provide a set of pre-sale and after-sale value-added services to enable our customers to maintain.

Low cost achieves the highest return on investment.

For Reference

1769-PA2 330130-045-02-00 RMIO-11C 3AUA0000035408 8516-085
1762-IR4 330103-00-08-10-02-00 PCD231 B101 3BHE025541R0101 CP11*C
1762-IQ16 991-01-XX-01-00 AGPS-11C MAC2*B
1762-IF4 3500/32 125712-01 3BHE024577R0101 PPC907 BE101 PS35*A
1766-L32BXB 3500/92 136180-01 HIEE300936R0101 UFC718 AE101 ST4*D
1763-NC01 125800-01 3BHE024577R0101 PPC907 BE VM1*D
1756-L74 125720-01 TU831V1 3BSE013235R1 ST3*D
1769-IF16C 3500/25 149369-01 DI830 3BSE013210R1 BT100
2711P-T6C20D 3500/42M 140734-02 PPC-R22.1N-T-V2-NN-NN-FW EXT*A
1769-L35E 18745-03 XO08R2-A4.0 1SBP260109R1001 EA1*A
1756-IB32 330105-02-12-10-02-05 AI810 3BSE008516R1 ER5*B
1756-OB32 330105-02-12-10-02-00 RDCU-12C EH1*A
1738-IB16DM12 330180-90-00 TC514V2 3BSE013281R1 ER5*C
1746-P2 330980-71-CN SDCS-COM-82 3ADT220134R0002 ECO*A
1786-RPA 330104-00-04-10-02-05 ZINP-571 ET5*B
1746-IM16 330103-00-10-10-02-00 ZGAD-582+FF450R12ME4-B11 MX3*D
PN-43652 3500/42M 176449-02 3HAC028357-028 RS81*B
22B-D010N104 3500/22M 288055-01 TU847 3BSE022462R1 CP99A*A

Sales Manager : Tiffany Guan

Cell: +86 18030235313(Whatsapp/ WeChat)
Skype : dddemi33
QQ : 2851195473
➤Website :

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